College of Engineering Science,Yokohama National University

Kazushi Sanada, Dean,
College of Engineering Science

The College of Engineering Science was established as an educational organization in April 2011 to systematize fundamental academic knowledge across a wide field from science to engineering with an objective to train human resources with professional abilities and high ethics in their specialized fields and rich in spirit of broadly targeting science and technology in other fields. Each department offers multiple educational programs for each professional field, and a unique educational curriculum is prepared for each department in order to provide education focusing on bachelor's degree (educational program, EP). With the establishment of the College of Urban Sciences in April 2017, the College of Engineering Science was re-structured as 3 departments with 10 educational programs. Currently, the College of Engineering Science is comprised of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, and Ocean Engineering (Mechanical Engineering Program, Materials Science and Engineering Program, and Systems Design for Ocean-Space Program), Department of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Life Science (Chemistry Program, Chemistry Applications Program, and Life Science Program), and Department of Mathematics, Physics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Mathematical Sciences Program, Physics and Applied Physics Program, Electrical and Computer Engineering Program, and Computer Science and Engineering Program).

In our society where science and technology advance rapidly, it has become necessary to cultivate self-learning abilities beyond the borders of specialized fields of science and engineering. It is important to firmly acquire knowledge and ability as own foundation in the professional field, and to have a broad perspective. Therefore, the College of Engineering Science prepares a curriculum such that students can acquire the knowledge of both science and engineering at early stage of education after enrollment, and systematically learn subjects in the field of specialization. We train human resources who can play an active role at core position in the society as a technical engineer with a scientific sense or as a scientist with engineering sense at the time of graduation.

Colleges and Graduate Schools for science and engineering education of Yokohama National University are celebrating the 100th anniversary in 2020 since their original establishment as Yokohama Higher School of Technology (1920). Over the years, we have sent out many excellent graduates and doctors to various areas and industries, and have contributed to the development of Japan. I look forward to seeing the students entering into society from this traditional College of Engineering Science and playing an active role in the world.

Kazushi Sanada, Dean, College of Engineering Science

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